Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photos for Gary

I'm posting some photos that have nothing to do with this blog.....

My first night in the high country!!!!

After leaving the Mountain Meadows Monument I headed west into Nevada. But just before the state line I found this little railroad town....Uvada......how it is not a true ghost town I'll never know....it was close, just a few homes are occupied today!!

And then I drove over to a place called Panaca, Nevada where I pulled over and parked the night at a small church with a billboard on Main Street of the Ten Commandments.

I've got to tell you......once I got up into higher elevations my TBI really started to kick in......all I'm going to say is it made me very miserable.....  :(

One thing I have learned it is that weather and altitude really matter!!!!

From there I headed east on Hwy 93  and found a great little town Pioche.

This place had some interesting history.....and it was one of two buildings that my view finder went all strange with colored stripes, but then took perfectly fine photos......."Spirits"

The white building in this photos also messed with my viewfinder!!!!!!

I can not remember the last time I saw FULL SERVICE!!!!

I then got back onto the hwy headed east till I saw a scenic route that leads to someplace called Atlanta......it turned out to be a long dirt road, but I enjoyed it and got to see a few interesting things like wild horses, antelope, mules and ghost towns.......here are a few photos.

The end of the dirt roads was an old ghost town called Shoshone....

This is where I found paved roads again......I headed west for a bit and then found my way north to the loneliest road in America....Hwy 50.....I took of east towards Utah again and found gas at the border....there is a little hole in the road where you can get gas, snacks, fast food or rent a spot for your rv....why even I could not guess!!!!

My trip took me up over the mountains and down into a big valley with what was called a dry lake...only it had plenty of water....

About that time I was looking forward to seeing something that looks familiar....I guess Delta, Utah would work.....I used to deliver metal there often when I drove the old flat bed semi 18 wheeler!!!

I found out there was a concentration camp near Delta...

Just north of Delta is a small town Mack....I took a few photos there.....

From there the farm in Indianola was getting close....just one last mountain to cross....that would be it up ahead the one with the snow covered top.

And that folk ends my supply of photos....well all most..I will just through the rest in here in no order.....just lost photos I'd like to share.......