Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Things always change here at the Steps

As time goes by there seems to be a never ending change in the campers here with me at the Steps.

Everyday some new comes and every day some one moves on......there are some who are here for the long term....Rich the fisherman has been coming here for years and he stays all winter. There are a few folks from Canada who will be here the whole winter along with American's who will be here for months.....some of us seem to talk a lot about moving on to see something different, yet, weeks later we are still here.......

This was Quartzsite, Arizona

This little red feathered friend was hanging around for a few days with a small group of no-red feathered birds

It got real busy while the fireworks trade show was going on in Lake Havasu........many rude pain in the butt types of folks including ATVs who thought everyone's rvs were there to race around.

I took these photos before everyone showed up......I spent a few days just hiding in my 5th wheel and did not even go outside.

I just like to show off the Triumph!!!

I would have moved a few weeks ago, but with the company of Kodi and his keepers Norman and Bill Sander which I'm really enjoying....we have spent many hours in fellowship learning about God's gift of Grace. I think it is one of those friendships that will continue for years.

Bill grew up on an island on Loon Lake, Washington. Loon Lake is just a few miles down the road from Deer Lake where I had my we had something in common from the beginning.

He  and Norma now live on a lake near Mount Rainier. They have been married something like 57 years and still seem to act like kids in love.

They are musicians who spent many years of their life traveling from one show to the next....big band stuff during a time when rock and roll ruled may have kept them from hitting the big time, but it sounds like they had a great time.

Bill is cousins with Casey Sander the actor........Casey has had one of the busiest careers ever and has been in a number of my favorite shows. Tool Time, Justified, Grace under fire and many more.

Norma is a sweetheart who just makes the days better....... Bill is a giant teddybear with quick wit and a quirky sense of humor.......imagine me with my inability to understand humor due to TBI having conversations with Bill....sometime I just come to a stop trying to figure out what he

I mentioned Paul and Mary a few weeks ago...they have the VW bus.....they were not planning to stay very long, but every few days they head down the road to check out new areas and soon they are back camped in their!!

It has gotten to the point now that they pull out and leave their tent and trailer at their spot and go camping for a day or tree and come back for a few days before they pull out and check out another area.

Their last trip was to a ghost town over by Bouse...Swansea, they gave me some photos that I want to share.

This rock was found by Paul on a Burro trail with tracks all around it survived is a great mystery. Paul believes it is a sample of silver that was formed attached to the rock and over the years the surrounding softer rock just wore away......he will have it checked out later....what a great find.

Here is my kind of treasure.....old trucks turn me on!!!!

It's along way out and they tell me the road is not good for the rv.....maybe next year Sandy and I will get out there to check it out.

One more fellow camper I'd like to introduce you to is the builder of this unit

Les is a cancer survivor who was a boat builder.....he now lives full-time in this.

I really like the wood stove....he says it heats the place up with just a few small blocks of hard wood.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ok this is a lot to ask.........

These 5 short videos were made by an absolute genius......he might even be smarter than myself.....he sure is more talented!!!

I could not find #6 of 6  ????

I do not know how he did it but some of the rather confusing visuals and sounds seem a lot like what it is like inside my head.....I even had to stop looking at the videos and just it was just to tiring for me.

Many of the things he said just hit home with me...... and I'd like you to notice just how normal he appears. I bet unless you were told he had TBI you would never guess it!!!

Inside my brain is so busy, like some of the video, that I can not imagine    anyone would think I was normal...... many of you may have heard me ask if I seem ok.....that is usually because I do not feel normal and wonder if I am communicating effectively. I often worry that I seem crazy to those I am around and every once in a while I'm even told I scare some people.....but believe me I  try to fit in!!!

I am learning to trust that I am from the feedback I receive from many of you, I thank you for all the support and understanding I recieve.           #1        #2   favorite!!          # 4       # 5 made me cry!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014


I have a treat for old car buffs.....most of these are on a car lot and are for sale!!!

Most of the following are for sale.....bring lots of cash....the "T" is something like $125,000.00

This is for Mat!!!!

My first legal car was a 1951 Chevy 1/2 ton like this one......sure wish I still had it!!!!

A pair of Lincons....1956 and 1955?

And here we have a Mercury!!!!!!If I was going to build a mild custom it would be one of these....

I traded my 1958 Ranchero for 3 cars a few years of the cars was a Mercury like this with a coppped top