Friday, March 29, 2013

A little hike

Today I felt like going on a little hike to checkout a natural arch above my camp.

Something I have learned about the rocks out here in the desert is that over thousands and thousands of years they get covered with something called desert varnish.......

Here is a photo of one that has been broken open so you can see the original rock

London Bridge

I left part of yesterdays adventure out of the last post so I will now share with you my time at the London Bridge.

The bridge was first build in the 1830 in London and later moved brick by brick to the desert in Az around 1967.

I remember my great grand father Charles Obey came to visit as soon as it could be driven across by auto....he also drove the Alaskan Highway the first year it was paved(1966?)

Anyway here is a photo that show re-construction in Lake Havasu.  The Canal was also built to give a reason for the bridge.
If you look close you can see the Colorado River in the background of the above photo.
Here are photos I took yesterday.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lake Havasu Az.

I got up today and drove over to the lake to check it out and to see if it is a place I can ride my bike to and back.......not a very likely thing without the motor.

I found a nice walkway out to a few fishing spots and got some flower photos.

Now for the flowers...first is a bush you may have seen before only now I HAVE A PHOTO WITH THE BUD, FLOWER AND FINAL DANDYLION LIKE SEED!!

This is a cactus!!!

I love the white and gray colors

Can you find the quarter??? If you do you will see just how small this flower is!!!!

Do you see two lizards...I do!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time for a few changes

Now this would be fun!!!!
Well, Dean's grandson ,Cody a very nice 13 year old swimmer from Northern California flew in to Phoenix.

Dean drove over and picked him up.....they spent the night and got up bright and early the next day (Monday) and headed out  for a fishing trip.

While I was there by myself another BLIMP flew over......this one reminds me of the old Beatle album Yellow Submarine.....

  I think I got one great shot!!!

I packed myself  up and then headed off  to a new place. I drove south on hwy 10 to the California border and followed the Colorado River north.
This photo shows just how different the desert looks with the river running through it!!!

From this to

To this!!!!

I found a monument for one of the concentration camps where we gathered up and imprisoned thousands of Japanese Americans  during WWII

After that I drove on up to Parker. Az.
I stopped by the Casino and found it to be a very nice place with access to the river.

But sorry to say no photos....ooopps!

I did get over to a new spot...Lake Havasu,  Az.

I've been waiting a long time to see this!!!!

This will be home for awhile

I have been able to make some progress on the replacement for the old broken chopper