Friday, January 31, 2014

What Happens to Relationships After Brain Injury?

Please check out this website by clicking the following.

What Happens to Relationships After Brain Injury?

I'm so grateful to those who have stuck it out with me long enough for us to work past this.

Unfortunately there are others who have fallen out of my life, some quietly and others who inflicted me with tremendously hurtful acts.

Oh is goi going well for me now and most of my relationships are improving.

I think one of the hardest parts was my relationship with my wife, Sandy, today we both feel closer than ever and very much in love with one another......Thanks Sandy for all you have done and all the hours you spent praying of us. I love you.

I hope you all take a few minutes and check out this website so if you ever have someone else in your life who gets a little bump on the head you have a little bit more understanding.

Monday, January 27, 2014

I struck GOLD !!!!

Today I felt the need to go for a walk, but did not want to go to far or mountain climbing....

I did go look at some of the other graded areas here at the steps and noticed green dirt and lots of quartz in one of the seldom used terraces.

I got looking at all the quartz and just though it would be cool if I found some gold......I did two rocks with some bigger tooth filling sized gold and a hand full of stones with lots of flakes....I will take them home and show Derrick and Arthur ( my grandsons ) a trick that we can use to crush the quartz and then we can pan the dirt for the flacks of gold.

The samples with the gold pieces is best if left as is.....

You can see the gold pieces best in this photo. The biggest piece is right in the center of the brownish strip in the middle of this rock.

The gold in both of these rocks is shining pretty good in this photo.....I'm rich !!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


This morning I woke up to something new and a bit weird for me.
My brain was not running 90 mph.....since my accident I have been living with a few symptoms that never go away ( or at least never for more than just a few minutes) it really through me as it is something I'm just not used to.....nothing going on in the, nothing, even my thinking about no thoughts seemed to just drift off and I had nothing on my mind, nothing?

I often have a small moment of prayer before I get out of bed and today I tried a couple of times,  but never got more than 1/2 a sentence before my mind was blank.

After awhile I did start to have a few thoughts to add to the's hard to come up with things for the blog when I'm not doing much day after day.

I did finally met the couple with the VW bus who have been camping here since the bus rally.
They seem really nice and I hope to get them to let me post a photo or two.....they are Paul and Mary.....I should be3 able to remember their names as two of my friends from grade school got married and they are still two of my oldest and dearest friends.....Paul and his brother Joe were more like family than friends. In fact they are the closest thing to family I had growing up....lets just say my mother tried, but would never get an award for mother of the year.

Joe was murdered when we were in our young 20s and I named my daughter Randi Joe after him.

Mary was one of the first people I met when I moved to Farmington, Utah. It would have been the summer before 4th grade.....she and a whole herd of sibling where swimming at Farmington Pond.

That was all the way across town and for some reason I do not remember seeing them after that for a few fact when we were in jr. high Mary and her sisters became very famous with us boys. They were always riding around town on their horses and young boys take notice of pretty girls on horses.

I never put together that the friendly girl I met at the pond was the same girl on the horse......I'm sorry I never put it together as Mary is rather shy and quite and I missed out on years of friendship I'm sure. Silly me I was afraid to approach the pretty girls....and who knows what they must have thought....I bet they thought we thought we were too cool for girls on horses...  lol

Paul and Mary started dating just before I went of to play air force during the Vietnam War ( I did not serve in combat, but did serve during). They got married on my 18th birthday and that was a long time ago. I do not get to visit as often as I'd like, but I do feel welcome and it sure brings back many great memories when I do.

A few years ago Mary said something about the pond and it was not till then that I realized she was the, girl at the ponds that could I have never put that together? Today I could blame it on TBI, but not then  lol

There are very few people in my life today that I have known 50+ years and I'm very grateful for these two. I even dated Mary's younger  Linda and I do still talk a bit, but she is not on the computer and I do not like phones.

Anyway I hope you have friends who are more like family and who mean as much to was nice meeting Paul and Mary with the bus who reminded me of my friends back home.

I was able to get a few photos of Paul and Mary#2 my camping friends with the VW bus.

I really enjoyed our visit, nice couple with a very easy going way of looking at life.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This morning I got up and went outside to see what I think is the greatest sunrise I have ever witnessed...unfortunately these photos seem to have turned the deep red into a more orangish...but it still looks pretty good.

I hope you enjoy these photos!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Today Neil and I went into Lake Havasu for supplies and just happened to find this Rally as it was ending and many VW buses were leaving a nice park on the lake.

We turned around and parked and I got out and ran around as fast as I could getting these photos.....from the looks of the VWs I saw leaving I'd say I missed most of the show....sorry about that....what I did see was great.

I knew Matt my son-in-law would love these so I'm happy I was able to grab these shots....please check out the to see the trailer this guy has has a water bed in it and was crazy, but then again aren't most most VW bus owners crazy.

Neil has been telling me about his 4 VW buses and he sure got excited checking them out.

I hope you enjoy the photos....

It would be so hard for me to pick my runner here, love the old Chevy head light bucket.

Just imagine what I missed with all these empty spots.

Another one of my favorites.

My friend Jimmy had one of these "BOAT TRAILERS" and sold it....too bad he misses it now.

The newer red water cooled van is similar to one I had years ago. Mine was a very rare factory hotrod with fancy flairs, spoilers, bed, table and stove. I left it in a shop for some engine work and while it was there it was stolen by an employee of the shop and used in a bank robbery.....the van was impounded and the shop owner never told me about the van, by the time I found out what was going on with the van it was sold at auction and I was simply out the $10k I had invested in it.

This is looking up into the tent from the inside of the trailer.....this old bus has no engine so it is used as a camper. It is a fully packed and often used camper.

No engine here Neil

There are two blue buses here with lift up tops...I had one that was a factory conversion done in Germany....they were also very rare and had two little cots up top and what I felt looked like circus tent material.....It was something that the girls seemed to like.....Randi do you remember it?

Do you see the thing?

There were lots of little trailers here, this one looks to be from the 50s and factory built.

Here is another shot of the blue van with the lift up (not tilt up) top....I checked both vans and they did not have the cots and funny striped material.....I believe these are American conversions.

This tent is an old fold out trailer.

This little trailer is the home of the pre-teen girl...she was very friendly and told me all about her bedroom that here dad made and painted (except one mural on the left side which was done by a artist at this rally). Her dad told me he had not had a bath for over a year.....just have to eat right he told me.....I did not ask what he eats and since I can not smell I just took him at his word. He and his wife live in this van with the girl in the trailer and a newborn baby. Why do I need this big 5th wheel?

I loved seeing all her books, I wish her a happy life.
Which one would you choose?

I only saw 2 things...this one and the yellow one hidden in the other photo

This guy had a  1700cc bus motor for sale...$350

This tent had been in use since the 40s


66 with Porche head lights

This guy said it only took him 6 months to build this.....I'd like to see it in aluminum.

This might be the one I want most.....really. The white van is for sale at a modest? $9500.00 rust included!!!!!

 Well that's all folks!!!