Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A whole lot of catching up to do.....

I just love the way the sand parked itself on the floor of my sandrail

This old motorhome stopped by to visit a friend in Quartzsite.....I was told he rarely made it into town.....mostly stayed way out in the woods.

I was rather proud of this.....I wrapped the handle with leather......much better!!!

Some guys have the life!!!!!

This trailer has been out in Quartzsite a few years that I know of......never saw anyone home.  This parks near one of my favorite places.....the

A nice meal with a few of my friends

Do either of these guys look familiar? Arron was the young man who knocked on my door a few winters ago to ask if he could see my pet spider......ran into him and his family by was a great surprise.

I was able to take Arron out for a long ride in the sandrail......we found this huge vane of quartze......Gold????

Sandy and Erica, Arron's mother

This old Hippy is Bill of Bill and Norma Sanders.....we met the year before and spend a great deal of time together again this year. of the kindest persons I ever met....even if she disaproves of my spelling.

I got this off the internet.....just thought I include it because....

Sandy and I visited a great ghost town.....more to come later.....I'll throw in a few photos now.

This pulled in to the parking lot were Sandy and I stopped for lunch one day.

The Airfloat trailer has been given the title of the first travel trailer.......I love these things no matter the condition.

Bet this would fit in my toyhauler

I was able to go to the NASCAR track in Phoenix....too bad the drivers never showed up to race......but....I have now been to a NASCAR track!!!!

Finally after many months I was able to get back into my blog to post!!!!!!

I finally got a chance yesterday to get back into my blog.

After a whole new learning curve I was able to re-learn how to post photos......we are talking hours of frustration here......

I took the Hartley Bobber out for a show and shine last weekend.....broke down just as I was pulling into register......ended up calling Sandy to see if she could grab the little trailer, some straps and rescue me.

She was a sweetheart....she dropped everything and ran after the trailer......she had never hooked a trailer up so it was a bit of a nail bitter and sure helped that Derrick my 13 year old grandson was there to do all the things needed to hook up the trailer......THANKS DERRICK YOU SAVED THE DAY!!!!!!!
It sure helped ease my worries when she was able to send a few photos......wonder how we ever got by before smart phone and internet!

Here it sits......pretty bad for a bike with less than 100 miles.....after it cooled down and got trailered home it started right up and then died again after about 2 miles.....another trailer ride.....I think it is a bad ignition module....if so that is an easy fix!!!

The bike did get lots of attention that feeds my ego and makes me feel all young and!!!!

 Aden my almost three years old great grand son and his little sister were with G.G. (Sandy...G.=great G.=grandma) so they got to come visit too.

Aden was not too excited with the motorcycles or the cars, but he sure liked the jungle gym....about all he could do was climb the stairs and then climb back down....

Playing on the playground equipment is much more fun than looking at old cars for a 3 year old!!! 

He is the moment Aden caught eye of a little teardrop trailer he could play much for the stairs!!!!

There is a guy I have seen at a few car shows  who drives a odd homemade MGTD ish car with a home made teardrop trailer....he is a very nice laid back sort of fellow and I always enjoy seeing him. He had set the trailer up next to the playground with a few toys inside....he posted a few signs inviting kids of all ages to go inside and play.  Aden had a ball and was not happy when he had to leave.

Thought I would pick up with some of the unique things around Quartzsite from the winter of 2014-2015

I always get a kick out of things you don't get to see every day
I ended up making friends with the young couple who owned this buggy, they ran a tent that sold solar and satellite tv stuff.....very nice folks

I thought this buggy was a bit different than most of them with this grille.

Notice I rarely take photos of normal stuff......LOL

Friday, January 16, 2015

Why oh why did I buy a Ford !!!!!!!!

As you may know I purchased a Ford F-350 this summer to pull my new (to me) toy hauler.

I sold a Dodge 3/4 ton crew cab truck that I had for many years......never once did I regret having the Dodge and selling it was a very difficult thing for me.

The Ford must have known my  feelings from day one.....I would feel guilty every time I talked about the Dodge within ear shot of the Ford......just like I would feel guilty talking bad about a child's parent in front of said child.

Well after a few hundred miles pulling the big toyhauler I was beginning to like the big Ford.

It has lots of room for guests.....a few weeks ago one of my blog subscribers, Hippy Chick asked if she could met me while she was in Quartzsite. I did agree to met her in town and soon she was asking if I ever planned to go to Parker  could she and her friend catch a ride so they would not have to drive their Dean and I invited them along.......I was terribly worried about the noise of two women in the back seat so I asked Dean to please keep control of the conversation.

He did a fairly good job.....another challenge tackled. We went over to checkout a camp spot my other blog friend Doug had told us about, it is part of the race track for the Parker Off Road Race  here is a link:;_ylt=AwrTcd.qyblUOgQAaSUlnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTBsOXB2YTRjBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw--?_adv_prop=image&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&va=parker+off+road+race+2015&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

Yours truely

not sure what Dean was looking money is the dog walking his way.

We also ran into another full timer, Tim from Idaho. Very nice guy who lives in his homemade trailer.

The rest of the day went well, but my hopes of being a matchmaker for my friend Dean feel short.....two old hippies......I thought it might have lead to some sparks......wrong....oh well.

The Ford made it to Parker and back on it's own that day no problem........then this....

 Sure lost any of my love the next day when it would not start......and just as I was  getting used to it a little....tow in Parker and $5,000.00 not my idea of a good time.

Well a little over a week later I did get it back and so far it is running, but I say a prayer everytime I get in it and I hear so many odd noises.....not fun.
The Ford knows I'm mad......look how it parks over by Dean instead of next to my door.

Speaking of prayers....right now one of mine is about you...God Bless you