Monday, June 16, 2014

Grandpa grandson project 1969 Bug

Well it's been so long since I updated my blog.

Today Derrick and I got the 1969 VW Bug street legal so I thought I would do a bit of an introduction of the car.

Burley Burlile traded a one piece baja nose for the car and built the car to show how bugs were built before the SoCal fade of the 70's and wide fender cars of the 80's.

I was about 15 years old when SoCal took over the VW world.....that was 45 years ago.

The car has a Porsche grill in the engine cover just like they did in the early 60's.
Here is Derrick with the car the day we drove it home....notice the Datsun Fairlady tail there in not another bug with Fairlady tail lites.

The car was built to run on the Salt Flats back in 2006 and it did set a worlds record of 83 mph with a stock 36hp engine.

Burley put a 1600 single port engine in the car and that is what I got with the car.....believe me it will go much faster than 83 mph today with the help of a modified trans-axle and the bigger engine.

I must tell you do not do this on public roads.......

I did not get one of these toys.....yet!!!!
 Burley gave me a disc with 183 photos.....but I'll be kind and keep it under 20.

This is one of the photos used in the magazine article published in the Wolks World December 2006 I can say I have owned a car that set a world speed record and was featured in a of the big items on my bucket list.

I only have one photo of the car with the nose adjusted to about 3 inches, the one used in the magazine article, but it sure looks good down in the weeds.

I have been rather busy since my last I'll give a short run down of the last few weeks.
 Deno......we got to ride in both the Blue Eagle ( Burley's name for the 69 ) and the baja bug his dad picked up for us to play with........Deno shared a head cold with me and I have spent at least 15 days in bed sick as hell.
I got to see Elmer Fudd and was over joyed to see he remembers me and still sees me as one of his Buds.
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I could not believe how bad this piece of junk was!!!!!

I could not see one panel worth did look good from 75!!!!

My friend Jimmy had lots of things to do as soon as I got home......Visiting our friend Jack was one of the first......I liked his chicken coop

And his car museum.......

It's always nice to visit with Jack.......he has to be one of the nicest old farts around.....Jack has tons of health issues and I doubt anyone has more to deal with than Jack, but he keeps a smile and finds a way to spend time with his friends.......

Jimmy also talked me into the swap meet at Thanksgiving Point...... one of Utah's biggest car swap meet....

 Jimmy had a old 1930  bike, but I just could not get him to sell it to me for my price.....he did sell it.

Not Jimmy's, but a girls bike like his

A Crosley engine....very rare. I have owned 3 Crosleys, but never one with a with the stock engine.

I love the cars at the swap meet and car show.....the chopped 56 Ford truck cab used to belong to me

I heard Burley was at the swap meet so I headed over to say hello and found out he was selling this.....lucky day!!!!!

I set up my table next to Jimmy and sold a lot of the stuff I want to rid my garage of so I can free up space for the next big project.....

I closed up my table at the end of the day and took a walk around to see what was there.......I found some VW parts and asked a question with out looking up to see who was selling......Doug Mead a good old friend answered my question by name.....I looked up and passed out to see him!!!

I have seen very little of him since my TBI accident and we spent hours catching up.

Doug introduced me to his friend Tom.....

Tom was selling his just finished Harley chopper....

I fell in love with this thing, I drooled over it for 2 days!!!!!

Tom and I exchanged emails and said goodbye.......

A few days later Tom emailed me and asked what my Crossfire was......guess what he showed up at my house asking to trade the chopper for the now the chopper lives in my garage next to the Triumph!!!!

 I got the workbench finished too!!!!!
Loading 3 of these bowling alley sections by myself onto my car trailer and turning them into workbenches was a big deal, but it is done.

This is where I put it