Thursday, November 28, 2013


I'm thankful that I have a relationship with God who paid the price. I'm thankful for my family who  show me unconditional love (if it was conditional, trust me I would not get love) a family who understand and support my travels, friends who love me like family  and the strangers I get to meet who add so much flavor to my travels . I'm thankful I live in a country at a time when I can do the things I do that I have lived a life with more adventure..... than I ever deserved. I'm thankful for the good days that I get so I can enjoy all the things I am thankful for.
I'm also thankful for the makes my world so allows me to share my adventurers and to jump in on other people's adventures too!!!
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Today started with a call from Dean who came over to visit over a cup of coffee, just like old times....we picked up just where we left off....soon there were others knocking on the door and I had 4 guest (5 if you count the dog) it was a nice change and I'm feeling well enough to handle all the excitement.

Donna asked if she could use the oven for making cornbread and she stayed and we talked Jesus for a bit.....she and her husband Mark live in a van and seem to love it......
My guess is that for them it is a love that!!!!
Donna told me they will be starting a rather advanced 6 week Bible study.....I'm thinking of following them to Lake Havasu......

2pm came quickly and we got together as a group for dinner......I think everyone had a good time and many new friends were made......
I found a new favorite treat.....picked honey pepper okra!!!!!

Here is some of the tribe I got to share a Thanksgiving meal with today. My old friend from last winter is Dean he is on the far left with the wantabee cowboy hat.

Lots of grub and the cheerleader is Gretchin who I met yesterday and she is a hoot.

I have to give it to Bob, he really made the day great.....Thanks Bob
Bob has a great and very popular blog

Sunday, November 24, 2013

And the clouds move on!!!!!

Today I woke up to clear skies......

I'm feeling so much better now!!!!

I had a chance to go for a walk and get some photos..
Got to love the plant life

My kind of crowd

I think I'll put in for campground host

Can you spot the honey bee????

And then there were these sunsets.......everyone's blogs are talking about the sunsets....sorry I could not capture their colors.

Today was a very good day!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Seems every body is dealing with the weather this week.......

I have been trying to make my trip around the weather.....sitting still till the storms pass seems like the thing to do so here I sit all by myself in one of my favorite desert spots so far.

Then the phone rings and all hell breaks loose.......

Sandy calls to ask if I have talked to Randi, my caretaker of all my stuff....poor child should have never agreed to that!!!!

No I have not talked to Randy....why I ask?

The wind blew last night.....I'll let the photos tell the story

Kind of makes me wonder why I try to take care of my collection.....
That box is one of ten carbon fiber hoods ever made for the Crossfire......sure hope it is ok!!!!!

My trip south!!!

Snows on the mountains


the bike is loaded

Here we are at the bank getting some gas money
Here is something I never thought I would I am with the cruise set at 57.......I feel like an old Magoo going so much slower than everyone else

I headed south till I got to St.George, Utah where I spent the was that a tuff drive for me......I wanted to get down into some warmer weather for my first night.......never again....too much for me these days!!!!!

I drove on down to Seachlight, Nevada where I spent my second night.......great level gravel spot at the top of the hill
This is about all there is in Searchlight....

This old fellow was parked at the same lot I spent the night......never saw anyone, never moved and no for sale signs!!!!

About 14 miles south of Searchlight I found this nice little spot......with my disability discount I could have camped for $5.00

Somehow I forgot to take photos???????

It was a nice spot with a great marina, restaurant, campgrounds, hotel rooms and a small trailer village

I did get photos of the next place I stopped......I drove down highway 95 pasted Needles about 17 miles and found a turnoff to another small reservation with Casino, campgrounds, beach......really a nice little town.
I bought some supplies, visited the casinos, and walked around.....I met a older man, Wayne who has been spending his vacations and now his retirement in one of the best campsites I have ever seen......just feet away from the Colorado River straight across from Lake Havasu. Wayne told me I could camp about three miles back up the road......I love it here.......
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Here is the view from Wayne's camp

Here is my view......really nice at night.....

My first day here by the river........I took Ed for a walk

I think he thinks he's at home again!!!!!

No matter how nicely I asked I could not get Ed to smile......old sour puss!!!!!

Ed seems to like my hat....nice fit!!!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Triumph is Racked

I just got around to posting this one.....looks like fun

Crazy Busy

1948 Nash I sold to my daughter Randi........yard art or transportation???

So Del what have you been up too??????

I have been cleaning up the family farm by selling some old junk......and a few of my old cars
I sold my 1948 Packard

I have hauled off some yard art.
My cell sure take poor photos.

I helped an old friend clean up his garage.....I bought this 1926 Ford coupe

 I hope to get it running next summer. Dennis last drove it on the salt at the world famous Utah Salt Flats. He made 3 passes at speeds just under 130 mph before he blew the motot.
Dennis built a street motor for the car, but after loosing his wife to cancer he just lost interest. He was willing to sell cheap just to get it out of the garage, he knows I will be able to get it running again so we both are happy.

Can anyone tell me what this is????

The big hint would be to tell you what I did yesterday.
I took my grandson Derrick to have his 4H project slaughtered........he raised 2 very large white turkeys this year......hope he gets a great bid on them at the auction.
The above photo was taken there.

Derrick handled the whole thing much better than I would have thought since he really enjoys his little farm with ducks, bees, chickens, turkeys and a rabbit.
He has learned the circle of life rather well, I wish other kids learned this important life lesson.......makes me proud of my daughter Randi.

After our trip to the slaughter house we headed the extra 15 miles to go see the missile display over at Thicol 
where the rocket engines were made for the space shuttles.

If you look close you can see Derrick standing on the left side of the tall rocket

Here is a photo taken of the old transcontinental rail road path. So much hard labor digging  all the rock.

After the missile display we headed over to the Golden Spike National Park.

This dirt road is on the old railway

This is what it looks like from the north west side of the Great Salt Lake

I love these old buildings......this one is just across the road from the Golden Spike Visitors Center........the trains were not out so we did not get to check them out.

This is the entrance to the visitors center........

Looking for gold gold here

Not all the natural arches are in southern Utah!!!!!