Thursday, May 8, 2014

What do you know about Justina Pelletier?

Seems I have lots to do....where do I start?

I start most of my days on the couch with 2 cups of coffee and watching there was a ad about Justina Pelletier.......if you are not aware of her and her battle with Boston Children’s Hospital and the local courts, I ask you to PLEASE take a few minutes and read up on her case, it is one of the worst cases of miss-justice I have ever heard of and she is not the only case, she is just the one with the most news coverage and therefore one of our best chances to reach out and make much needed changes to the system that is abusing our children.

Here is one of the few photos we have of Justina from the last 1 1/2 years. A judge has ordered that no photos of Justina can be taken????

I called the number and left my name on the list (something I often do ) to show support for her family with the hope that if enough of us keep it up we will make a difference. The recorded message is one of the best I have ever explains the case in a nut shell and is worth listening to so please make a quick call to

1800 9595884

where you can make a donation, her family is now bankrupted from their months of legal battles over Justina. 

Justina was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease a few years ago and was able to live a normal life. Her older sister also has the disease. In February, she got the flu and was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital to see a specialist. It was at that time the problems began. A new team of doctors took over Pelletier’s case and immediately questioned her previous diagnosis. They re-diagnosed her with ‘somatoform disorder’ – a mental illness. Her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, refused to sign off on this new diagnosis, and they were ultimately dragged out of the hospital by security and forbidden from bringing their daughter home. out. Within four days, they lost custody of Justina.

Justina has only been able to see her parents during one-hour weekly supervised visits. After hoping to have their daughter home for Christmas, the court ruled the hospital should continue to retain custody on December 20. In the latest development, the Pelletiers have appealed to the state for custody, alleging “abuse of power.” The court heard the case in January and again on February 4 but postponed its decision until February 13. Last Thursday, the decision was once again postponed. Justina is now being held at what is supposed to be a temporary treatment facility, Wayside Youth & Family Support Network in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Justina has been receiving limited medical treatments and limited educational instruction since this ordeal started over a year ago.......people would go to jail for abusing animals like how is it the hospitals get away with this!!!!!

I plead with you to check out this story, share it with others, pray for this little girl and if you are able support her battle with a few coins.

Please if you have a heart share this story with others let your voice be heard, the hospital is keeping Justina there to die instead of saving her and releasing her back to her family, they are using her for experiments and are willing to kill her for it, they are torturing her everyday for their sick experiments. PLEASE CALL THE   BOSTON CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AND TELL THEM TO FREE JUSTINA 1-617-355-6000 

Now back to my story.

As you might know my storage garage was heavily damaged just a few days after I left Utah.

My wife Sandy, daughter Randi, son-in-law Mat along with some of Mat's family jumped right in and got the cars and some of the other items in the garage pulled out and moved to a safe place, giving up their own garage space and Mat's work shop.....time, money and space Thank You!!!!

I called a friend who has a roofing company and he dropped everything to get right on the roof.....the roof was repaired within days as was all the trim and rain gutters......

Most of the bigger pieces of fiberglass were hauled away and the old damaged doors were bent up into place and held there with 2x4 till the doors and new openers were approved by the insurance and replaced by Mat's brother Chris, who along with another brother Nick have done garage doors installation for years had just started new company. I loved being able to throw a job their way and they did a great job.......lemonade out of lemons.
1800 9595884

I got home to a big mess, so I can not imagine what they had to deal with.......Sandy had been going out there and had worked on boxes of things, she had made a dent, but still there was so much stored in the big garage 40x30 and packed to the gills.

The insulation was a heavy duty commercial grade that had been up there for many years.......that meant it was old, dusty and with all the wind whipping  it was in everything.......the way we chose to deal with it is to take every item out of the garage pile it up on the lawn and driveway, then do our best to sweep, vacuum, sponge, wipe and blow the whole garage then pick each item from outside one at a time and clean it up the best we can. I found fibber glass packed into every nook......I even found it packed into the small nail holes in my work bench, my tool boxes, every box needed to be opened emptied and each item needed to be cleaned.......Sandy and I have spent days working on the garage.....we would work as long as possible ( I have been shall I say "under the weather" since getting back to Utah where the higher altitude kicks my butt!!!) , Sandy worked so brakes my heart to see here work so hard....we are getting closer to getting it done!!!!

I did get the old Polaris Dune Buggy cleaned up, installed a new battery and did a few adjustments to the brakes, carb. I took it for a spin around the block and put it in the local classified adds
I had many calls and it sold to the first guy who showed up early the next morning (12 hours) must have sold it too!!

I have been feeling overwhelmed by too many honey does and found great relief just selling this little never used toy. It was just in the way as far as I was concerned and since I have made the dessication to build a few vw bugs for myself and the boys I just could not see keeping it!

I have been planing to build a big fancy over the top workbench so now it the time. I had purchased 7 or 8 bathroom vanity kits and a whole bowling alley lane for the farm, but a crazy idea when I think of the work you have any idea what 30+ feet of bowling alley weighs.....Mat and I picked up three such sections years ago with the help of about 8 other people and it all but killed us.......just another day in the adventures of Papa!!!!

I unloaded them myself using every tool I had at the farm.....A-frame, come a-longs, straps, cherry pickers, dollies, car jacks and about 4 days of asking myself how crazy I must be!!!

I have been telling Mat what a great idea it is to make work benches out of the bowling alley and vanities so now is the time.....I figured since the garage is cleared up I just need to do it now or never.

The idea is to use 3 vanities since that is all that will fit along my chosen wall, the middle vanity will be on casters so it can be pulled out and used as a portable work bench, it will have a metal top so it will be easy to clean and will be a perfect surface for all the small jobs that need clean surfaces, carb overhauling, clock repairs and lunch counters.

I will have tons of new storage spots that can be hidden by just closing the door, many drawers for all the small idea of garage heaven!!!!

I am a bit of a pack rat, hoarder and have just seen almost every item in that garage within the last week.....I ran into many things I did not remember having......

I found 4 of these little casters with cups I had kept when I threw out an old microwave cabinet, the casters are plastic and I figured they would not hold up to the weight of a vanity full of junk and say maybe a vw engine being rolled around my garage, so I took the small casters out and used some old shopping cart wheels I had just for such a project.

Here is what I ended up with and they should work perfectly. here they are sitting on the bottom of one of the vanities.......I will add some hardwood panels for strength.....I found some old cabinet doors I kept when I tore up the house for the remodel job I did a few years ago......I was able to use some of the old cabinets, but not all so I just kept the doors.  

 I feel good about keeping some old piece of junk and being able to find a great way to use it!!!

Mat often thinks I'm nuts....he thinks you should only use new stuff......for me most of the new stuff is JUNK!!!!   lol

Once I get the new work bench finished I will have a place to put much of the things that are now just stacked on the garage floor.......then I will be able to bring the cars back one at a time......1st will be the Crossfire which will be detailed and put on the market to be sold.

The Crossfire is one of the nicest driving cars I have ever owned it is also one of the best looking modern sports cars IMHP and I hate the thought of selling a great car like that, but like the dune buggy it just is not used. It is one of those love it or hate it was made by Mercedes Benz for Chrysler. It should have been a big collectors car nut dream car and for many it is, but some how a car that sold for around $55k and was the fastest car Chrysler sold (top speed) it just never really held any value, 2 seater luxury cars that according to the hosts of Top Gear look like a dog squatting to take a dump just seem to offend some people.   I for one love the car !!!!

I need to think about selling the Triumph as well, another very difficult choice for me. The Thruxton is one of the best motorcycles I have ever ridden.....sure the handle bars are too low for an old man like me, but the bike is just soooooo fantactic !!!!

I just tell myself to remember how blessed I have been in my life, most people never have the opportunity for all the wonderful adventurers I have had I just have to convince myself a few vws will be as much fun right?????

The next project will then be the salt flat Model T race car......I promised Mat I would get it on the road and this time I will let him drive it.......some how he never has driven any of my hot rods and he sure deserves to have his turn!!!!!

Sorry for the poor photos....I'll get more later

If I'm lucky, I will get all this done in time to be able to spend some time with the running baja bug Mat scored for me......I want to be sure it will be dependable next winter before I tow it behind the 5th wheel.

Well Thank you for your time and please feel free to leave comments, if you are having trouble leaving comments try signing up for one of the many choices they suggest. I will try to figure out how to by pass that little pain.

God Bless