Sunday, June 23, 2013

From Rosyln to Home

Once the rally was over we stayed another day in Rosyln to check out the area including the Cemetery that is a must see.

There are 25 different cemeteries at the same location mostly divided by "Culture" or race in today's
politically incorrect terms great little tourist trap...ok trap is a bit harsh, but what else would you call a town like this one. It has changed over the years since I last visited it.....gone from pastry shops and bakeries to wine tasting bars.

My daughter Randi remembers the little town well from her visits as a teen and asked me to pick up sugar cookies she loved to get from the many little shops back in the day.....I was only able to find one cream filled pastries at all and one cookie shop with 2 choices of sugar cookies, ginger bread cookies( I should have tried one...oops) and not much more.

Lake Chalan....expensive, but man is it worth it.......I once read a book about a New York Executive who moved to the small town of Stehekin after burning out.....he took a ferry to get himself and his family as the only way in is ferry or float plane.
It was a wonderful book and had such an effect on me that I once spent a week there on a honey moon.
There is now a ferry ride deal where you can ferry in have a bus tour and lunch and return to Chalan all in one day for around $70.00 per person.......I was sick (TBI) and worried about brain stress from the ferry ride so we did not take the ride.......Please do take the ride if you get the chance.

This tree caught my must have fallen at sometime or other and just took off growing straight up again

This is the park after the trailers left the rally

and this is a trail that leads to a is part of the old railway to and from the mines around Rosyln

Beavers have been working on these trees

 After spending the night where the beavers live we drove on up to the small town of Warthrope another theme town...western this time.

Rock Ducks

 Winthrope did have a wonderful museum that I highly recommend


Another night on another river, just a few miles north of town we found this free government camping spot.......

And now it is time to get back towards home.....but first we want to see more including The Grand Coulee Dam

Lucked onto this pulling off the road to read my maps


Guess who!!!!

The Grand Coulee was for decades the largest man made structure in the world and the largest concrete formation as well.

20 years ago you could buy this house in Pomeroy Washington for $4k

large rooms for the day

back porch could use a little paint

We found a nice camp spot near McCall Idaho

we had a nice night, but woke up to cold and on the road quickly and headed int McCall for coffee

Malta Idaho....can you find it on the map?

Spartin in Malta Idaho

We camped here in Elba Idaho

The van is a Chevy Corvair

Our travels took us onto the California Trail up near Almo Idaho

There was a trail that broke off here and headed off to Salt Lake City

Some of the journal entries I read called this the most beautiful area they had seen in many

Castle Rocks

Sandy's new RV

 Sandy and I stopped by the Nap Idaho Mercantile and Post Office.
As a young boy I used to go by this then Ghost town with a one room log cabin school house, general store and dance hall.
Today the store is opened and serves great food, antiques and great conversation.
Sandy and I stayed for hours and visited with the owners as well as locals who came by and even a retired school teacher from Plain City and his lovely wife.
Naf is only a mile or so off paved roads and worth every inch.
The dance hall was unlocked for us to go through.....what a place it must of been back in it's hay day.
I remember being told it was a jumping place.
Jerry the owner would like to get it up and running again.....he could use the help if anyone wants to needs to be rewired, painted and not much else.

This trailer is across the street....any idea what it is??