Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stupid Wind Fix

Today, my grandson Derrick asked when my next post was going to happen......

Kind of been in a funk since my solar panels got broken by the wind.

They still work, but not at the level they were so I'm conserving as much as I can......that means I have been reading more.....too much really as my eyes give out if I read too much....even though I am feeling and doing much better down here in the desert!!! problem....I forgot my charger for my now photos for awhile....ooooppps!!!

I got some big tent nails and nailed down my solar panels and budgied them so I think they are safe now the wind is dieing

Today i spent a lot of time relaxing as yesterday I overdid things with the reading and it has been an easy day....I cooked some oatmeal for a late and visited with Dean.

Dean came over this afternoon to invite me to dinner.....he keeps treating me to his far we have had two steak dinners that were overcooked and one tasty, but killer chilli dinner...tonight he said I need to cook so he can get a good

He bought a package of small thin inexpensive cuts of meat and they are the toughest to cook poor guy....hope he never reads

Dean has been great we spend many hours swapping stories and seem to find each other interesting.

Derrick called me and we had a good conversation.....I love and miss out time together more than anything else about Utah......hope we get some good time together next summer.

Time to go

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, February 25, 2013

Who thought I'd wake up to frost???

Friday I woke up to a hard frost warmed up pretty soon.

Went into town with Dean for most of the day and then last night Dean treated me to a nice steak dinner with sweet potatos.

He had the grill and I provided the briquets and a pineapple that we also grilled.

This morning it was below 30 degrees at 7am, but it has been nice around 80 this afternoon.....wind chill makes it feel much cooler than that and it is 69 in the shade.......

Dean has tv and direct tv so he set it up at the door to his egg and we sat and watched the Daytona 500.

This years race was different than last year's race for sure.....Danica went out early with engine trouble and so I started to watch Miss Long who looked like she would get her 1st top 10 finish, but she was knocked out late in a accident.....

Tony Stewart looked like he was out....he was stuck way back in a very tight pack, but somehow got himself to the lead then feel back and I thought for sure he would finish 5th or 6th.....but then came that wreck at the end and somehow he just slide by.

There was no celebration for him this time as the wreck sent 1/2 a car through the fence into the crowd and as of right now all I know it there were fans who got hurt.

Dean wants to drive into town again in a few and I'm not about to miss a chance to ride into town.

My solar panels are getting a bit of a rest and have the battery up to around 14 volts.....pretty good!!!


Yesterday was windy, but I was still able to go over to Dean's and watch the race.....
Danica did good.....thought she could have won if she moved down on to the lower section in front of Johnson......or that she could have held 3rd if she had not lifted off the gas when she heard there was a wreck......I guess 8th is still pretty good....she beat her boss Tony Stewart.

This morning I woke up to find the wind had knocked over my new solar panels......STUPID WIND!!!!!


This morning I got up and walked around checking things out from yesterdays wind storm......nothing was missing......but then I found this

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solar Power

I broke down today....payday....and got a solar panel kit second's one from Harbor Freight.

We'll see how it works...the last few days have been cloudy so I jumped the system with my truck to charge it up for the night......

My engineer friend Kamper Bob packed up and left today.......he was a lot of help for me learning about the solar systems and the little trailers.........I will miss him....tomorrow I'll take photos of my camp minus the 5th wheel Scamp parked next it's just Dean his two dogs and myself.

Yesterday was a busy day as far as snowbird days go.....we drove into Parker, the closest wally mart....the trip and bad weather moving out took a toll on me......but I'm feeling better today.

My doctor was correct when she told me I would feel better at lower altitudes and warmer temps.

Please stay tuned for more later.


The next move was a short one!!!

After a few days with the Egg Trailer Ralley folks started moving on....most were only there for a few days.

I moved a long with Kamper Bob and Dean....two full-time RVers to a new spot with cell service.....nice to have a little contact without driving into town.

Electric power to drive things is still difficult and my phone and laptop seem to all ways be dead.

I also saw something I do not remember ever seeing before .....the moon looks strange to me how about you???


Now that I'm settled a bit and getting over the stress of many little mistakes, things forgotten and huge mistake of forgetting the desert is cold at night!!!!!!

Time to make some friends.....Dianne and her dog Paddy, Jim and a friendly cactus.

Time to make some friends.....

Arrived at Quartzite

I finally got here:

Time to settle in for the night........

My 3rd day feb.9

Once out of Knab, I headed on over to Page, Az.

A quick look at the low water level at Lake Powell was a bit of a shock.

On the way out of Page I stopped to take a few photos of the valley as a storm was moving in;

A quick run over to the South rim of The Grand Canyon to try out my new free National Parks Pass.

I found it extremely windy and cold.....felt bad for the tourists who may be there for the first and only time.

I took one photo just to say I was there with the little trailer......I have been there a few time and must say it worth the trip winter and summer both......the north rim is pretty good too....don't miss it!!!

If you look close you can see the old rock tower just above the cab of the old Dodge.

My second day Feb.7 2013

The day started out very nice once I got the truck warmed up....

I went back into Junction, Utah for a big cup of coffee and asked what hwy 62 was like, it goes out past Kingston and if you go straight at the intersection you will be on state road 22.

Interesting little scenic drive that starts with some interesting rock formations....

This is an area where lots of hunting takes place and most of the few residents of the area, in my opinion would be real cowboys!!!!  They do lots of hunting guide work in the area as well as ranching....everyone I encountered was more than friendly.

I found an interesting old mill in a spot were water ran down a small man made ditch, but could not figure out it's purpose....after the mill I would just turn around and back track as the road was in bad shape and I saw little of interest after than till I got back to hwy 89 south of Panguitch, Utah. 

My next stop was a little swimming hole I often saw from the drivers seat of my 18 wheeler as I drove down past Coral Pink Sand Dunes toward Kanab, Utah.

side note:
My friend Tony and I once drove out to Coral Pink Sand Dunes in an old 65 Chevy motor of the most exciting 3 wheeler experiences either   of us ever had I'm sure.

There is a deep winding ravine at the base of some large cliffs at the edge of the sand dunes that is used one way only at midnight.......craziest ride of my lots of turn and at time I believe we were 30 feet high going vertical one the side of the ravine.....Tony even managed to get his bike stuck up high like that when he let his bike stand up and the foot pegs and handle bars stuck into the sides.......he told me he just jerked the bike and aimed down towards the bottom and then just continued on his way.......great thing for adrenaline junkies.

Swimming hole all frozen..

Once in Knab I asked where I could go park to spend the night and be left alone...."Johnson road till the pavement ends" I was told so off I went.

I found these old buildings interesting, hope you do too;

Up the road...miles...the pavement ended and like the brave fool I can be I continued just a bit to see if there was a place to pull off.......the dirt road was unbelievable slick ( like Moab ) when wet so I off on a journey.

No place to turn around, mud every where except right in the middle of the road where the road was packed down.....I finally got turned around (barely) and got back to the spot I had been told to to park  for the night.....sorry no photos!!!!

Next morning would you believe dead battery.....12 volt refrigerators kill batteries jumper battery would not even try to turn over the Hemi......hood up jumpers hooked up and wait till someone drives by.......two nights with out cell service, no radio just camp stove and some

When some one did come by he looked at my cables and said "looks like you need a jump. I tried to jump one of those diesels once, couldn't do it!!" and he started to go on about his way.....I chased after him and said it's not a diesel.....on the road again!!!!!