Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A whole lot of catching up to do.....

I just love the way the sand parked itself on the floor of my sandrail

This old motorhome stopped by to visit a friend in Quartzsite.....I was told he rarely made it into town.....mostly stayed way out in the woods.

I was rather proud of this.....I wrapped the handle with leather......much better!!!

Some guys have the life!!!!!

This trailer has been out in Quartzsite a few years that I know of......never saw anyone home.  This parks near one of my favorite places.....the

A nice meal with a few of my friends

Do either of these guys look familiar? Arron was the young man who knocked on my door a few winters ago to ask if he could see my pet spider......ran into him and his family by was a great surprise.

I was able to take Arron out for a long ride in the sandrail......we found this huge vane of quartze......Gold????

Sandy and Erica, Arron's mother

This old Hippy is Bill of Bill and Norma Sanders.....we met the year before and spend a great deal of time together again this year. of the kindest persons I ever met....even if she disaproves of my spelling.

I got this off the internet.....just thought I include it because....

Sandy and I visited a great ghost town.....more to come later.....I'll throw in a few photos now.

This pulled in to the parking lot were Sandy and I stopped for lunch one day.

The Airfloat trailer has been given the title of the first travel trailer.......I love these things no matter the condition.

Bet this would fit in my toyhauler

I was able to go to the NASCAR track in Phoenix....too bad the drivers never showed up to race......but....I have now been to a NASCAR track!!!!

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