Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just catching up a bit now that I can download photos again

I just want to go back and recap my summer......above is a photo of one of the reasons I go back to Utah every summer....looks like I'm more excited about it than he

We sold the farm this year so lots of time and effort went into moving, selling and giving away stuff!!!

I can't remember if anyone helped me load the old shed on the trailer or not...I do know I took it up there by myself years ago in the cold rain. My guess is that Matt went to get this with me, but I just can't say.....if so thanks Matt.

Selling my old 1960 Dodge was not easy....I bought it back when Randi and I lived in Creston Washington 199? something. It was a good old truck with a 318 wide block engine and 3 speed on the floor. The 318 wide block was a Hemi block with poly heads.....faster than a 327 Chevy for sure and tuff as nail if you keep oil in it......some jackass who is no longer liked did not take care of the oil thing....truck is missed he is not!

Fortune cookies know so much....I got this one this summer. I have one in my wallet that told me I would go for a ride in a tired car.....driving home the 327 in my 67 Chevelle SS blew a head gasket and I coasted home....the car never ran again. Better believe fortune cookies is all I can say about that.

I saw this set up near the farm. The owners had just left Bo Huffs place.

If you do not know who Bo is check out his facebook page or just Google him.

 I have know Bo for a number of years now and can say he is one of the most interesting guys around.
Friendly to all and very generous... not to mention talented and fun. I wish him the best.

If your into 4x4s ....VWs.......or 4x4 VWs

I think I did a post on the garage and all the damage....tons of work left for Sandy and me in cleaning up, dealing with the insurance, tons of garage sales and swap meets.

I built a nice work bench out of a bowling alley and some bathroom cabinets. Thought that was going to be it for work around the house.....I was so!

I guess the only way to show our wives we love them is to do big jobs around the house...this year I got a job that I almost could not get done  and would not have without help from the homeless, family, friends and Sandy.

Here is the start of a new patio and much bigger driveway.

 I don.t see photos, but it all started when a young man, woman and baby came by looking to work for cash...Sandy felt sorry for them so she had them mow the lawn.....sucker on the hook.....what else do you old folks need thing I knew we were going to have him redo our landscaping.

He said he would be here tomorrow so I got up rented a early ran and rented a jackhammer to bust up the thing I knew I...I said I had finished busting up the whole sidewalk when the kid showed up. I was so tired I could not do anything more so he kicked around looking like he was doing day he promised to be there at 9am. I had the car trailer so we could load the cement and haul it off....I was 1/2 loaded before he showed up, he help me clean off the trailer and needed more money ????

I gave him money and never saw him again for days, I rented a sod cutter and he helped me for 1 hour or so and we never ever saw him sidewalk and no grass.....I tried to do things on my own, but ended up go and getting some help from the shelter....It was good help and I made a friend.

Days of shoveling out so I could haul in gravel and sand and the pounding began.....

 Here is Sandy after she saw how much difficulty I was having pounding bricks, even though I,m doing better, bending over still wipes me out fast. 

we did the shoveling and stuff in these photos make the old concrete look bad....please don,t tell

Here are shot of it done.....still have many things to do, but I like what we got so far....check out those copper flower boxes and fountain....I made those years ago and we moved them to this house.

I made them by building a frame with copper water pipe and sheets of copper roofing that I pounded dimples into with a ballpen hamer, they are 10 years old or so and still not turning blue!

With the money from selling the farm, the family bought Sandy and Me a new home away from home,s almost 40 feet long and has two bedrooms and a garage for the dune buggy.

It,s a bit different than the old 5th wheel, but I,m getting used to it.....I pulled the solar system out of the old trailer and installed it all in this one so I have all the free power I need....I did get a bit low  after 5 cloudy days, just cut back from leaving the tv on all night for background noise.....I really don.t need it anymore as I'm not as sensitive to light and noises as I used to be.

Do you see where I mounted my old gas pump face back there on the garage....Derrick and I did that!

I thought the Black Dodge would pull this new trailer......I was sooooo wrong.
I ended up getting this F-350 and it sure does a nice job pulling the big toyhauler.

This is what happens when a tire blows out on a to be me that day....and tires for this 17,000 pound trailer are very expensive. $250 a tire.
I still need to buy 2 more any one got a grand sitting around they do not need? 

My time in Quartszite so only!
On the road again with the new truck and trailer

Felt like old times.....I drove Semis for a few years and sleep in them many nights.

nothing like a 8 foot clearance overpass.

First drive....I like it

Here's my friend Dean wondering if $16,000.00 is too much  lol

Jusst a small part of the swap meet area....let me know if you see anything you need

This was just as things got started. There are many venders moving in everyday. It will be packed for acres and acres by the end of December.

just checking to see if you are paying attention!

Look Sandy's here////only for a few days


  1. Nice trailer! Love seeing your posts!

  2. So Happy to see a new post!! The boys say HI!!! Arthur says he loves and misses you lots!! He wants to share some of your hot chocholate. Derrick wants to know when you guys can work on the bugs again. Love you!! Glad t see you're having a good time. Love you!!

  3. Thanks Kim....and the dune buggies fir in the back even when the bed is down so Sandy has a place to sleep even when the buggy is

    Randi, so glad to hear Arthur misses me sometimes I wonder if he knows I exist....damm video games. And I do plan to spend most of next summer working on VW....screw the house